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Casino Fundamentals is designed for people committed to learning AUTHENTIC looking and feeling casino.  From finding the beat and getting solid body mechanics, to putting together simple turn combinations, you'll have everything you'll need to become proficient at dancing casino, learning at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.

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Beginner and up

Casino Fundamentals


Get your start dancing authentic looking casino

Detail-packed video course

For beginners and those looking to solidify their foundation

No subscription / lifetime access

Fb group with students from around the globe

Here's what some students have to say

"Teaching with some of your tips, thank you <3" 
- Herman (casino instructor), Venezuela

"The course is awesome!  We absolutely love it.  The online program is giving me structure." 
- Jose, California

"The best, most comprehensive stuff I've seen online."

- Lu, London

"Casino has enriched my life so profoundly."
- Beth, North Carolina

Wes' review Casino Fundamentals Digital Course

"Super detail oriented.  I’ve bought a lot of courses in general on different topics over the years, and the quality of this course is top-notch."
- Wes, Kentucky

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