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This​ course is designed for people committed to learning casino.  From finding the beat, to putting together simple turn combinations, you'll have everything you'll need to become proficient at dancing casino, learning at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home.


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  • Casino 1 Full Course

    Everything you need to get dancing casino.

No monthly subscription

Just a single investment of sets you on the path to dancing with confidence and style

Lifetime access

Revisit sections on body movement, musicality, partner connection and more as you grow as a dancer - you're bound to pick up new details

Over 300 fellow students 

Students from around the globe are learning casino from this course, there's even a fb group!

Casino Level 1 Digital Course Includes:

• partnering section I: closed position and starting the dance

• partnering section II: open position and first turns

• partnering section III: RHS position and turns

• partnering section IV: enchufa turns

• warm-up steps explained in detail to make the turn footwork a breeze

• music and rhythm: how to find the beat and practical musicality

• body movement: isolations, coordination, and more

•  ladies' styling with Clara Nieto

• all supplemental material including breakdowns of 16 fundamental turns shown with a partner, as well as individual lead & follow footwork

coming soon:

•  partnering V

• sample turn combinations incorporating the moves presented in the course

•  interview with Carlos Ramirez on history of Cuban music and dance

Here's what some students have to say

"Teaching with some of your tips, thank you <3" 
- Herman (casino instructor), Venezuela

"The course is awesome!  We absolutely love it.  The online program is giving me structure." 
- Jose, California

"The best, most comprehensive stuff I've seen online."

- Lu, London

"Casino has enriched my life so profoundly."
- Beth, North Carolina

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